Excel Importer Suddenly Not Working

My excel importer module is suddenly not working. It just keeps loading and then never successfully imports and will eventually time out with little explanation in the logs. I have tried upgrading the module to a newer version and creating new templates but I am still running into the same issue. This is happening on both my local and production environments.
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Hi Molly,

What kind of error or messages are getting in your logs ? Upgrading the excel importer may bring new jar files and bring you other errors as well. You may have duplicate jar files in your userlib. This is the most observed error in excel and exporter module. I advise you to check your userlibs and delete the old and duplicate one. Otherwise , you can extend timeout limit for the excel importer.


Hi Molly

Agree with Yasin’s proposal to check your .jar-library-files. As an extra: when you have to upgrade your Excel Importer module, there are other Marketplace modules that need updating as well (cfr. MxModel Reflection):

  1. make sure all your other Marketplace modules are in sync;
  2. check your .jar-files in your userlib-folder within your project;
  3. verify in your local environment first by going in your Mendix Studio Pro, navigate to tab ‘App’ and select ‘Clean Deployment Directory’; run locally and debug.

If these steps don’t cut it for you, please edit your question with more context and debug information. Thanks!

Kind regards,