deep link bypass SSO

i have enabled the deeplink module in my app for the first time and am encountering a fewissues: issue #1:  upon opening the page I am met with an error (shown below) however still able to move forward with setting up a deeplink.   issue #2: upon setting up and testing the link out, it takes me to a login page (see below). i am attempting to set up a link for a guest role, therefore I cannot have a login screen associated with the link.   does anyone know how these issues can be resolved? thank you!
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Issue #1: I have not experienced this error. Check the console (if running local) or log for the underlying error.


Issue #2: Look at the advanced tab, there is an option that should allow you to do what you want.  The microflow and location must also allow Anonymous users.


Do not force a login action

When login is forced, anonymous user sessions will be redirected to the location in the 'loginlocation' constant.