Workflow - automatic assignment and opening of the task to each user in the group

Hi Community! Is it possible to set the workflow, so that it is not assigned to any particular user, but to the whole group of users? So any user from this group, could easily open it. Because when I log on to a particular user and click on a task, it is automatically assigned to the user I am logged on to, making it impossible for another user to enter that task anymore.   Regards, Adam
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Hi Adam, 


Yes, you can assign it to the particular user groups using microflows or using XPath. 


If you need to assign it to the group of users of specific user role then you can use XPath: 

For eg: 

[System.owner = [%UserRole%]]


If you need to assign it to the user groups dynamically then you need to use microflow and based on your requirement, you can pass the list accordingly. 


Hope this response helps you. 




Ashishkumar Pawar