About payment of invoices

Hello! I’m having the following problem, I’m almost ready to take the Intermediate Developer Certification Exam. For this reason, I talked with my employer (Who will be paying for said exam) and they asked me for the payment options for the invoice. I searched for that info throughout the Mendix website and I’m even registered for the exam but it says that the invoice will be given to me AFTER I take the exam so I’m kinda out of options from where to get that info so I can proceed with both my employer and the exam itself. Is there any way where can I see the payment options or contact the Mendix staff (if necessary) to get this info? Thank you in advance.
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Hi Brian,


For this matter I suggest you contact support@mendix.com, this way they can help you.

And as far as my experience, I have received my invoices before taking the exam (the same scenario like you with my employer).


I hope that solves your question, regards!