DeepLink for Setting Up New User

Hello,    I am trying to make a process whereby I use a deeplink to reference a new user page, so that I can email a link to a potential user or customer and then access our system to complete there own profile form, can anyone confirm if deeplink would be the appropriate resource for this process, or should I setup some kind of routing based upon anonymous users?    Any guidance on how these dynamic links could be created would be greatly helpful.    Thank you. 
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I’d say deeplink is fine. You could do something like this:

  1. Create a helper object where you store an encrypted and unique identifier, maybe an expiration date and maybe other stuff you need to remember or check (like which customer this invitation was for etc)
  2. Create a deeplink (check the documentation), accessible to anonymous/guest users, that calls a microflow, also accessible to anonymous users, with one string input parameter p
  3. Send the invitation with the link
  4. In the microflow, retrieve your helper object based on the identifier, do your checks and validations and then show a page where the customer can sign up. Create a user with a role based on the input, delete the helper object and let the customer log in.