How to Use the New Send Email Action in Mendix 10.2.0

I've been working on an app where I use the email connector to send emails to users with OTPs for password change requests. With the recent update to Mendix 10.2.0, there have been changes to the "Send Email" action that might be a bit confusing for me. Can someone provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the updated "Send Email" action effectively.
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First you have to create EmailMessage object and set all the values in the created EmailMessage change object like To, From, Content, Subject etc. This EmailMessage object you have to send as input parameter to the SUB_SendEmail microflow. 


If incase if your using any EmailTemplate then inorder to replace the tokens, after setting the values in EmailMessage object, then you have to retrieve the respected EmailTemplate and fetch the tokens list & replace the tokens if it does exist.

For more details refer this documentation