What is the Hierarchy to update the marketplace module while upgrading the app ?

Hello Everyone ,    We are trying to upgrade mendix version from 9.6.3 to 9.24.4 .  While trying to upgrade market place module we got compilation errors .  So here my question , Is there any hierarchy to update the market place module ? If yes please suggest some answers .   Thanks in Advance !
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Hi Vinodhini,


Before updating, I look into the release notes to see if I need to remove Java libraries (like Email connector module)


Then I preventively update Mendix SSO (this is a known trouble maker, and security wise, good to have on the latest version anyway). I bet this one will solve already your problem.


Prior to updating the modules, I update the Widgets. Then I  first update the modules without dependencies. After that, I update the modules they are depending on, with the most used, the last. Alter that I update the Mendix "core" ones like Administration, Atlas, and Data Widgets, etcetera.


It is not an official list, but it helps.


In the error, it usually gives a hint of what Java lib is causing the issue.


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