Issue with Excel Importer

Hi all. I recently had to upgrade the Excel Importer module from version 9.2.4 to the most recent one. The outcome is that currently, if I try to import an Excel like the one below,   I get this error     I don't get any error if I remove the blank rows, and the import runs successfully.  I've already checked the Template configuration and it should ignore empty cells.   I could simply remove the blank rows, but the main user does a lot of uploads and would need to check each excel file and delete the blank rows.   Can someone help to solve this, or at least figure out why it happens?   Thanks in advance.
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Hello Vasco,


Some things you can try to troubleshoot:


- first try to rebuild the import if possible and map all the columns to an entity with only string attributes. From their you can exclude some causes, so does it really have to do with setting a boolean for example or not

- second, check the libraries maybe there is a problem there however you are able to run your model so if there is a problem it is way deeper


Good luck