Need help in File dropper widget.

Hi all, I am working on to a functionality where I am uploading multiple files and those are of jpg and png extension and size should be withing 10MB. For that I am using an entity of System.Image inherited and File dropper widget for uploading photo and event i am triggering is After commit for changing some association value. I have used an non persistable entity for verification before upload and i want to validate the file type as of only image format. And I am validating all these before upload. For image of type jpg or png or jpeg and file size related validation messages are showing fine below the upload button by using the verification entity and that microflow. But the issue is that when I select an excel file or other file which is not a image file type then error message is showing in a pop up not by default error message which always show below the upload button(red box). I want to show the validation errors by using  default file dropper alert. Not by pop up. Becuase if I go for pop up message validation it shows multiple times the same error message for each file selected. So my requirement is to show the validation using defualt file dropper validation method which always show below the upload button. I have also attached the screenshot for reference.   Thanks Subhrajit.                            
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Hi Subh,


I have an idea as follows,

You are using non persistable entities before committing that a good thought, use one more attribute in the page context entity as Error message.

Use this under the File dropper widget as text box, fill the same attribute in the validating microflow to write as "File format not allowed"+$File Name to specify the each file.

If all validations passed that error message would be empty, use the visibility as $ErrorMesssage != empty.


Hope this helps!



Sathya Reddy