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Hi all,   Keeping all the marketplace modules up to date is important. Trying to keep track of your current installed version is sometimes a challenge, because there is not a uniform way it is shown, sometimes a constant, sometimes a folder, sometimes nowhere. I keep a tekst document that I update everytime I update a module because if you do an update and the version is the same it still gives changes you need to commit.   In the last version of Nanoflow Commons the release note is: - Removed the constant holding the version number from within the module. WHY??? Is there a hidden feature that does keep track of the module versions now?    
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You can use the MprTool to check the app versions of Marketplace modules. The MprTool can be found in your Program Files > Mendix > {Choose a Studio Pro version} > modeler > MprTool.exe. Then in the tool use File > Open.. and select the mpr file of the project you want to check.


Select the module (for example, Nanoflow Commons) and you will see the AppStoreVersion:



Hope this helps. I think this should be visible in Studio Pro in a standard way, which doesn't involve creating constants/folders by the creator of the module.


or you can check the .version file under .\themesource\nanoflowcommons