Unable to login with SAML after first login and logout.

I have a page named login.html with a button that navigates to /sso/ for SAML login. When I initially log in using SAML, everything works fine. However, after logging out using the default Mendix logout method and attempting to log in again with SAML, I am consistently redirected to login.html (the page for logging in with a local account and the DefaultLoginPage in the SAML module). In other words, after the first SAML login, I am unable to log in again using SAML unless I clear the browser cache. Upon clicking the SAML button, it seems to navigate to /sso/, attempts to log in, tries to reach index3.html, and then redirects back to login.html. What could be causing this issue?
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Hello Jacob de Horn,


I have faced the same issue; you can simply overcome this by SSO logout. Have a button called logout, call a nanoflow in that and use open url action - pass applicationurl/SSO/logout. Now it will successfully logout and you won't face any issue. Alternatively you can use show page that uses url redirect to applicationurl/SSO/logout.


Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.


The solution that proved effective for us involved updating the SAML module to the latest version, and this resolved the issue.


Do note to initiate a request to your IDP the URL you need to navigat to is in the format: https://SOMEURL.mendixcloud.com/SSO/login?_idp_id=YOURIdPALIAS

Otherwise no request will be sent out to the IdP and thus no response is coming back.