Pusher Notification Module in Mendix for PWA: Does it Deliver Notifications even when the App is not being used?

Hello Mendix community!   I'm exploring the Pusher Notification Module for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and wondering if it has the capability to deliver notifications to smartphones even when the PWA is not actively being used. Specifically, I'm interested in understanding whether these notifications can pop up on the device screen. The Documentation says: I am not 100% sure what exactly they mean by this.   If you have experience or insights into this aspect of the Pusher Notification Module, please share your knowledge! Your input will be invaluable in helping me make informed decisions for my PWA project. Thank you! 
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Unfortunately it seems that you're reading it correctly - the module won't do anything if the user does not have the listener active, so they need to have the page open. 


If you want to deliver notifications, you're better off looking into this documentation: How to make PWAs re-engageable using Notifications and Push. You might have to play around with javascript actions to get this to work. An alternative would be looking into the free tier of Firebase cloud messaging, which can also help you get notifications to your users.