Deeplink module deprecated

Hi Forum,   I have updated our application to Mendix 10.6. However as you know the deeplink module is deprecated.  I have setup microflow urls and adjusted the security so it will work. However our customers have a url deeplink witch is different (link/form?code={code}).  Because microflow url don't use query's in the url, the url is different. I   Is there a way to let the customers redirect to the correct microflow using the old URL?   Kind regards,   Jasper 
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I'm not sure it's possible in any easy way to do what you're saying, unfortunately. What you can do, however, is create a Custom Error Page and create a button for customers to request a new URL or something. It's not pretty, but it should theoretically work.


To help mitigate the above, you could consider sending all your clients a new deeplink URL according to the new schema before you migrate from the old version. It won't keep people from clickingthe old URL, but at least it should save most users a step.