Duplicate entries created in the Audit trail logs

Hi Team,   Duplicate entries created in the Audit trail log.   We have implemented a custom logic where we created the Audit trail overview page which contains column related log and log line    Microflow details   Loglinelist contains records from Admin module line.   Export to excel functionality also implemented but duplicated record generated in the Excel       Refer above Screenshot.   Implementation at Domain model Level     Please let us know how to remove duplicate record from the Excel.   Also let us know any other module is available for Audit trail.  
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Based on the name of the microflows, it looks like they are intended for the AuditTrailSuperClass (generalization) . If you have them as event handlers on both the Generalization and Specialization, they are triggered both, which would explain your duplicate records.

You might want to check what happens if you remove them from the DeviationCategoryMaster entity and leave them at the SuperClass