CommunityCommons.SplitItem.Value has a maximum length of 2000

Hi all, while spliting a string I received an error about the maximum length of SplitItem.value. A solution to this is to make the limit of the attribute larger or unlimited. However, changing a marketplace module isn't a good practise and there is probably a good reason for the maximum.   So my question: Do you know why there is a limit, and why 2000? Is this arbitrary? If I want to keep the limit and don't want to mingling in domain models of external modules, do you know another way to handle this?   Best regards, Peter
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Hi Peter, 


I don't know why there is a limit. Maybe performance wise if you have super long strings that it might take super long, or takes up more memory.

If you want to keep the limit I think you'd have to create a new entity with unlimited attributes in some sort of CommunityCommons_Custom module and copy the java action in there as well. You'd have to alter the java action to then use that newly created entity as the variable to write it to, and don't forget to set it as the return variable as well.


Hope this helps!

KR, Jurre