Issue in excel export

Hi Team,   We are working on one of the banking application where we need to download the report. We are using excel export module for Exporting the data. We are using Excel Exporter version 7.3.0 We are  trying to debug and found its error when call Java Action = GenerateExcelDoc after that it check if $MxCellStyle/Format = XLSReport.CellFormat.Number? but my variable of MxCellStyle/Format = General. So, it returns an empty string.   For some record it goes into true flow & for some record it goes in false flow.   If there are 6 record in the list whenever we goes for download it will download only 4 records. (For 2 records it goes in false flow as per below diagram)     Can anyone help here to resolve the issue.  
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Hi Atul,


As per my understanding, you have created a custom formatting inside the excel template and use it in a string column.


I will suggest to remove the custom formatting from the column where you find this challenge and try to export it and if its working fine then I will suggest you next steps