Importing excel files throws errors after migration to mx10

Hi, I recently migrated my project from mx9 to mx10 and also upgraded all modules to the latest versions. In doing so, I first removed all user libraries. However, I now realize that importing Excel files, also known as the Excel importer, is no longer functioning correctly and I don't understand why. Below is a part of the logging.   Error in execution of monitored action 'RegularClientAction' (execution id: 1710775699690-12, execution type: CLIENT).NoClassDefFoundError occurred for class 'Could not initialize class$Singleton'. Please make sure the userlib folder of your project includes the correct library which contains this class.   java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class$Singletonat etc.   Can someone help me with this?
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Create a new project and import the excel importer module from the appstore.

Note the added jar files in the userlib directory and copy these to your project's userlib directory adn you should be good to go.