Excel Importer unavailable in Mx 9.18

Hi all,   When I try to download the module "Excel Importer" in Mx version 9.18 (.3 or .4), I'm unable to download the module... Message I receive: "Unable to connect to the Mendix Marketplace".   I already checked different WIFI connections, maybe something was blocked.   Any ideas/suggestions?   FYI: I already know that you can download the module via the marketplace and import it, but I would like to know why this is occuring and not how to solve it.   Kind regards, Jelle
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Hello Jelle,


Normally, i would expect when confronted with this kind of weird behaviour a note in known issues in the release notes, but as you can see there is not:




So i dont think there is currently a real explanation for it, but if you really want to know you can always file a ticket for these kind of behaviors.


Good luck!