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I'm looking for a module that will help me allow a user to create a template for documents, alter fields in the document based on entity attribute values and is compatible with mendix studio pro 10.7. Any suggestions?
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This module enables you to create documents based on pages built in Studio Pro:  PDF Document Generation  It is Mendix authored and supported and does not require additional license fees.


There are many other modules in the Marketplace that enable the creation of documents from your Mendix app.  My understanding is that all of these require an additional license fee to the companies that created them (I may be wrong about this).


Also, there is the document template / generation feature built into Studio Pro:  Document Templates  This feature has been part of Mendix for quite a while.  It is clunky and time consuming to use if you have specific formatting requirements for your documents.  But it may work for you depending on what your requirements are.


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Hi Roy, 


I agree with Mike. Not all alternatives are licensed though.


By far the best option for you to investigate is trying to use the Mendix native PDF Document Generation module. If it is Word files you need and the template itself should be in Word, then indeed there are paid versions out there, but I have created a free version some years ago that has been heavily used:


Word Template


It serves most use cases for manipulating a Word document with Mendix data, please check the features in the documentation.