Private module not visible in marketplace

Hi guys!   Today, I've created a module which I've uploaded into my private marketplace. The module is visible there, and I've received an email that says "Your Mendix component targenio8 design module [v 1.0.0] has been published. You can now view the published component on Marketplace."   However, when I open studio pro, I can't find the module in the marketplace. When I switch the content to "My Company Content", the result list is empty.   Is it possible that the search simply lasts a while for synchronization or am I missing something? The Mendix Studio Pro Version I'm using is 10.9.0, which is the version I assigned to the module as well.   Thanks in advance! Holger  
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Ok, seemed to be a synchronization problem / delay, indeed. Today, I can find the module in the marketplace.