Not able to download Global search module for Mendix studio pro 10.6.1

Hi Everyone, When I am trying to download global search module for the version 10.6.1 and above, it is not downloadable from Mendix marketplace. Can you please help me? Is it compatible with 10.6.1 or above?
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Hello Sourav,


It is currently only downloadable for lower versions see also screenshot:


But what you can try to do is to open it first in a lower version with a new app migrate that app to your version and then export the module to your application. 

Sometimes this works, other thing you can try to do is to contact the publisher of the module and ask if the publisher can update the module and make it available for the latest versions.


Hope this helps,


Good luck!


We recently upgraded from Mendix 9.X.X to Mendix 10.X.X and wanted to reinstall the module to ensure everything was ok and ran into the same issue. We're now getting an error in the after startup workflow which cause the app to not start if this module is enabled. 


Did you get it working in your Mendix 10.X.X project? I'm wondering when a 10.X.X release will be made for this module if this is happening to others.