Marketplace Questionnaire hacks

Hello guys, good day, I've been going through the questionnaire in marketplace, and its very complex and not straight forward to use Mendix Marketplace - Questionnaire   Please has anyone been able to use it end to end and can explain or make it easier with directions on how to use it. PS: I've gone through the configuration bits also, its so confusing, honestly.   Or if not, please I'm trying to create a polling system, can you share recommendations also.
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I think you could build the functionality with a simple Domain Model as pictured below.

This would give a user the ability to create a Poll, and Create the Associated Options, then you could create a microflow that generates a new PollResponse (Which is a generalisation of the Poll Entity), and this would give the user the ability to select one of the Poll Options via a reference selector. 

 Screenshot 2024-05-31 202118.png


Hi Matthew, 

Thank you very much for your feedback. Wow, you're amazing for having to build your own configurable questionnaire/form function.


A simple poll, where you can ask a question, then have radio buttons, with other features to add videos etc

Something like this image



I just couldn't find any module like this in Mendix marketplace.