excel importer issues with date column when date is derived from an excel formula

I have an excel table with 80 columns, and about 30 of them are dates.   some of the dates are derived from formulas in excel based on other columns.   e.g., in the photo, the yellow columns are based on formulas, while the gray formulas are manually typed in.   I get an error when I try to upload the file as:   "mendix java.time.format.DateTimeParseException - Text  '45343' could not be parsed"     however, if I copy and paste the yellow cells as values (removing the formulas), then I am able to upload the file through the excel importer without any issues.  any idea what is causing this.  so it is just when the date fields have a formula that it is causing the error.   the data type in the excel file is date, and this matches the data type in the my Mendix module for each attribute.   I am not sure why Mendix is reading it as text
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Use a microflow to process this value. The formula to get the data is probably in pseudo microflow


create DateTime $startDate '1/1/1900'

addDays( $startDate, $valuefromexcel)


Add relevant checks of course.