Calendar Widget Refresh with No Events

I am using the calendar widget with Xpath retrieve.  In the dataview where I have the calendar widget, I have attributes that can be switched on and off via checkboxes to filter the events that appear in the calendar.  The checkboxes have an onchange microflow that repopulates the association used to retrieve events for the calendar.  When the set of checkboxes selected returns events, this all works fine, i.e. the user checks or unchecks attributes and the events refresh as they should with fewer or more events.  However, when the set of events retrieved is empty, and the corresponding association is set to empty, the events that were displayed in the calendar widget are not removed.  So the user sees events in the calendar widget when there should be no events.  This only happens in the case where no events are retrieved because the set of conditions is too restrictive. Has anyone seen this behavior before?  Any ideas about how to correct this?  Or maybe I have the widget configured incorrectly - if so, any pointers are appreciated.
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Could it be that since the list is empty the refresh is not triggered?? Could you some how refresh the page in some other way?