Process Queue - Queued action is stuck in open status and causing hung sessions

Hello, We have recently added Process Queue to our application to execute long running job in multiple threads and we are seeing the below two issues: 1) Queued action is stuck in open status and thereby causing connection error. "A connection error occurred, please try again later" 2) Queued actions are not executing in parallel when called by multiple users. Here is how I set up process Queue. Created a Queue "A" with Number of threads as 5 and Thread affinity as 5 Created two processes P1 and P2 under the Queue A which execute microflows MF1 and Mf2 respectively.  P1 and P2 have no dependency on each other  On button B1 click we are creating Queued action for P1 and on button B2 click we are creating Queued action for P2   If two users clikc on button B1 at the same time, two queued actions are getting created but one is in the Open satus until the other one in Running status. I was expecting both of them to be in Running status as the queue is configured for 5 threads. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong. Thanks.          
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This should be resolved in the latest version of the module.