Is it possible to import data from excel file from its several sheets all at a time?

In general we specify a sheet number in the  from a excel file from where we can import data. But i want to import data from several sheets in an excel file at a time. Can i do that in mendix? if anyone knows please help me?
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You can create multiple import templates (for sheet1, sheet 2, etc). Upload an excel file and run the excel importer microflow with the templates for sheet 1, 2 etc. Change the assocation in a mf to the template before importing the file.


Edit 1: You must leave the association as it is now, but create a microflow based on IVK_ImportTemplateDocument

After StartImportByTemplate retrieve a sheet2 template and callStartImportByTemplate again with that template.

Repeat when needed with the next template.


The association TemplateDocument_Template is used to choose a template in the user interface, but you can select a template in a microflow in any possible way.