Lightbox Widget Formatting Question

I am using the Lightbox widget from the appstore, which works great.  I would like to make the following 2 formatting changes: eliminate the bullet point before each image (see screenshot below) have the images 'wrap' into columns....when the widget is displaying multiple images, they are all in one long column, causing the user to have to scroll down quite a bit   Has anyone made modifications to formatting in the Lightbox widget?  Any ideas about how to get started with this? Thanks, Mike
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Hi Mike,


Getting rid of the bullets might be fairly easy, target the correct item with some CSS like, if it is indead a <ul> element

.myLightbox ul {



For the second part, you might need to check how the widget creates the dom nodes per image, and make your changes there.


It's not much, but hopefully it'll give you somewhere to start