IP Range Validation Warning Message

I am getting this message after start up when I use the IP Range Validation module: "Action with name 'iprange.IPRangeCheckerLoginAction' is not a known action yet. Add the user action before referring to this action." The function still seems to work successfully.  So what causes this warning, should I worry about it and how can I clear it? Extra information: The App Store wouldn't let me download the lastest version of the module (1.0.1) in Modeller 6.7.1 so I opened it in 5.21.2 and converted it locally, then exported it and imported it into my project. 
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The warning is caused by this step in the java action that is called after startup:


Seems to me that the warning shown is incorrect as the user action is being added in this step. As the function works I would not worry about this. This is not caused by your upgrade as the warning is also shown in lower Mx versions.

Maybe someone from Mendix could enlighten us on the cause of this warning and indicate if the method is used incorrectly or a bug is present.