Excel Exporter: Using dynamic filename

I have downloaded the excel exporter from the App store to use in my project. The Excel export itself works fine. The only problem I have is that I want my exported excel file to have a dynamic file name based on information within my project. From what I can see when building the template it seems only possible to give a excel file a static file name. Is this correct or is there a way in which I could generate a dynamic file name when exporting a excel file?
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During the config, the file name is static.

But, you can always create your own microflow when downloading the file in which you modify the file name, or modify the existing one for example to append a timestamp to the filename.


I don't know what your set up is for this is, but if you use a microflow to generate your system file document(preferribly a inheritence) and then create the excel document using the GenerateExcelDOC java action you can set the file name by editing the 'name' attribute of your system file document entity.

Does this work for you?


And what about for concatenate static and dynamic file name?, for example:






I'd like to be:


'Report of' & $Core/Contenedor



concatenate('Report of',  $Core/Contenedor)