Excel Exporter always exports DATETIME while I only want DATE - How to solve?

Dear Community, The app store module "Excel Exporter" (https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/726/Mendix/Excel-exporter) is a really useful addition, however I run into the problem that the OQL statement it creates based on my template always returns a DateTime attribute with the whole timestamp, even in a case when I only want the Date.  Question: Anyone able to return only the Date?   Expected option 1 - Apply microflow to adjust output, similar to Excel Importer The Excel Importer module allows the use of microflows to convert a value from the source to any desired format in the destination and thus allows you to have a string in excel containing only a Date, using a microflow to return a correct DateTime value. I'd expect a similar feature for the Excel Exporter.   Expection option 2 - Apply function in OQL statement to adjust output As the exporter result in an OQL statement, applying a function in the select statement would also solve this, using the DATE() function. e.g.: Select  a.FullName, DATE(a.DayofBirth) as DayofBirth from MyFirstModule.Person as a --> would return an excel with 2 columns, Column A with the full name and Column B with the Day of Birth without Time component.
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In the exporter we are running in the project I currently work on we have an option on the first page that is named "Date time export format", which should be able to resolve your problem I haven't used it recently but with the custom format option you should be able to achieve what you want. It is however currently limited to the full export and not to a specific column. For that to be possible it would require a customization to the module.