Publish Mendix App to App Store & Google Play

Currently we are working on an coaching app. We want to publish this as an app to App Store & Google Play. We are currently on sandbox and want to demonstrate this function to the customer. We have multiple problems: iOS Distribution doesn't build "Error - A plugin in your app does not support the compulsory arm64 (64-bit support) architecture." --> seems to be fixed by going through the process again. And disabling functions like hydration in Adobe Build. Creating a development version with a mobileprovisioning file for development, the app works fine and is build accordingly on Adobe PhoneGap. When creating a build for distribution (for uploading to We receive the error above. Android build with a key for the Play Store only works on 294 devices Looks like the device is only available for devices with a 7" or larger screen. Is this a setting we accidently have set in our Mendix project? And if so, how to change? Updated: 9:59
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The answer for your Google problem has already been asked a couple of times on the forum. The correct answer can be found here:

And I hink this will also solve your first problem.