Excel Importer Module Bug in 5.9.1 - Upgrading Mendix app from 4.8.10 - 5.21.5

Hi All, I am upgrading some apps from Mendix 4 - Mendix 5. These will then be upgraded to Mendix 6. I have gone through the conversion process and one of the modules to be converted is the Excel Importer. This has downloaded ok (App store version 5.9.1) but has come in with errors in the ValidateColumn microflow. There are two exclusive splits with a comparator on the $MxObjectMember/AttributeTypeEnum against the MxModelReflection.PrimitiveTypes.AutoNumber. The $MxObjectMember does not have an attribute enum of AttributeTypeEnum - it does have a String attribute AttributeType. Is this a known bug? I have a fix for it by retrieving the MxObjectMember ValueType via its association and then using the ValueType's TypeEnum in the exclusive split instead as in $ValueType/TypeEnum = MxModelReflection.PrimitiveTypes.AutoNumber Am I missing something or should a fix be applied to the module for this? regards tim
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