LDAP Module - after sync, users not being recognized as existing in db because of case sensitivity

Hi all,   I have 2 different behaviours for the same configuration between running locally on a "laptop" and on an on-prem installation.   I have the LDAP module working perfectly when running on my laptop - After synchronising the users, when trying to authenticate a user against the LDAP server, it doesn’t matter how I write the user name (case sensitive or not), it always authenticates against the LDAP server successfully.   On the on-prem installation, after syncing all the users, when we try to authenticate, it doesn’t recognize that the user (e.g. Mendix Test1) is in the db and it imports the same user again, but this time with lower case (mendix test1). Then, after we associate a role to that new user, it works fine.  The users are being imported like "Mendix Test1" by the LDAP module, and the second import "mendix test1" is also done by the LDAP module…not really sure what could be going on here.   Any ideas?   One thing that could possibly be influencing the behaviour - the MS SQL Mendix on-prem database was installed with a case sensitive collation as per our documentation - the client is going to change this to case insensitive just in case, but could this be causing the issue?   Many thanks Gonçalo
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Recreating the DB with case insensitive collation solved the issue.