Packaging Mendix Modeler for Intune / Deployment fails with listed command line arguments

Dear Mendix, I'm having a hard time packaging the new Mendix Modeler 7 for our company. Planning to distribute the software via Microsoft Intune, the installation gets stuck, both with listed parameters such as /exenoui and common parameters such as /quiet or /silent. Can you provide a tutorial for software packaging? Cheers
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I haven't completely run a slient install, but it should go like this:


Mendix-7.0.2-Setup.exe /exenoui /q


The first parameter is for the exe file, while the second is passed to the MSI package inside. Running these on my machine at least doesn't show me any UI. When I ran it with as:

Mendix-7.0.2-Setup.exe /exenoui /exelog ./log.txt /q

I was able to see a log file that indicated the MSI package was called with "/q" and completed successfully.