Allow guests to execute deeplink not working

Hi, I setup a deeplink that should be executed by an anonymous user. I setup the anonymous user in security and gave him access to everything and I turned off "emulate cloud security". Also in the deeplink settings I ticked the "Allow guests" box.  Unfortunately when I try to execute it as an anonymous user, nothing happens. The deeplink is not being executed and it goes straight to the login page.  When I am logged in as a user, the deeplink executes and works fine.   I'm using the latest version in Mendix 7.1.0
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I just did a quick test myself, and upgraded the project in which we maintain the deeplink module. In this module in 7.1 all test cases worked without any issues.

In Mx 7 we still have the need for the deeplink module, as Ronald says our recommendation is to use the new page url feature to navigate to a specific page, but in order to navigate directly to a dataview (an execute a microflow) you will still need the deeplink module.

I'm assuming you are familiar with the deeplink module, a fairly new feature that was introduced is a constant for the request handler. 'Deeplink.RequestHandlerName'. This allows you to use a different url than the defeault /link/     such as  
Be aware if you want to use 'myaction' don't add any slashes only add the text to the constant.  If you would add '/myaction/' into the constant the url would only work if you'd go to:  (note the double slashes).


The deeplink is to my knowledge not compatible with MX7. You should use the URL option for a page instead. It seems that Mendix is of the opinion that the deeplink is no longer necesarry in Mx7. I have read this somewhere but can not recall where exactly I got this information.

Maybe somebody from Mendix could chime in here to give the exact details.