404 Error while using Forgot Password Link

Hi,   I am using Email Template Module to send Emails and sending E-mails if user forgets the password with Password Reset URL (using Forgot Password Appstore Module). But, when a user clicks on the link and then it's giving an error "404 - File or directory not found." Can someone please help that what could be the reason?  
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Hi Varun,

Are you getting this error on deployed environemnt (test/accp/prod) or on localhost? 

If its on environment make sure you enable /link/ request handler (you can do this in Network tab under your app environement details) or if this error is on your localhost than make sure you check the deeplink is configured correctly, specially make sure in project security that Anonymous user has the correct rights. If this doesn't solve your issue then please can you update your question with more information. 

Hope this helps!



Mohammed Siddiqui