date_and_Time-type format in a Rest-response

The "Date and Time" type results in a strange date-format in de REST-response. In the response entity: the webservice response (via soapUi): I expected something like: "2017-05-20T13:51:02Z" Is there a way I could use "Date and time"-type? extra info: I want to create a Rest-service withe json-output in Mendix. I think it is not possible to call a microflow to convert a date_and_time-type direct to an Json-string in the way it looks like an date. Or I am mistaken?
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In the community commons you have a Java action LongToDateTime. You will then get the date you want.



And no you can not use a microflow to create the date format. You need to create a string attribute and convert the date time to the format you would like in your JSON. See also this info on stackoverflow on the 'right' JSON date format: