What is test criteria for Mendix platform and extended?

I may understand that a test criteria for community modules is nothing or a little. However, what are test criteria for Mendix platform and extended? Mendix document says that these modules are proactively tested for every version of Mendix. My questions are: 1) How proactively testing for every version? 2) Do you use CI tools for Unit test and integration test?  3) If the question (1) above is YES.  Why Mendix asks us for its Compatibility at App Store page?   Like IBM Watson Connector Suite, it is Mendix Platform (platform, gold, or platinum SLA) but it would ask us for its Compatibity. Or, a sentence "Content in this category is proactively incorporated into R&D test cycles as part of our platform release management." at https://docs.mendix.com/community/app-store/app-store-content-support  is not true, is it?
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Mendix could probably give a much better answer but I do know a little more about the proces. Mendix does have a automated test street for certain widgets. As far as I know the apps developed by Mendix itself are part of this automated test street. The idear was that all the apps produced by Mendix would be checked by this teststreet. I have no information on how far this is realized. There has been some idears that other developers could also take advantage of this test street if they supplied Mendix with the testscripts. As far as I know this has never been realized.

So that is where croud sourcing comes in. And since this page is uniform it will show on all the widget pages either from Mendix or another third party. When you use a widget in a project and the widget works as expected fill in the form for which version this works and you help other developers this way. Because yes maintaining widget is hard work that most of the time is done by developers in their spare time. So yes putting a widget in your model can be a risk. You allways have to weigh that risk with the advantage of the widget.

I hope that somebody from Mendix can chime in here for a more recent status update.