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I am trying to pull back a list of stories within a sprint on Sprintr. The documentation talk about credentials that can be "found below". Here is a link to the I can't see were it references the credentials below on the documentation further. Once I am able to find that I'm hoping it will give me an indication of which username and password I should use and exactly where. The WS contains username and password fields on both the HTTP Headers and SOAP Request Header sections.   
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The API key is something that you need to create in your settings of the app.  Give it a name and copy down the API key generated. This will allow Mendix to make sure that the request is valid and for the correct Mendix app.


According to that page:


Each call also requires the parameters ‘username’ and ‘password’. These are the public credentials you will find below; actual authentication of requests is done through API keys.

  • username: PlatformAPIUser
  • password: PlatformAPIPassword

I added the constants of "PlatformAPIUser" and "PlatformAPIPassword" to the username and password fields. I get a SOUP fault Login failed response. 

I've tried a number of different combinations but some questions remain:

1. Where exactly do i find the "ProjectID". Can I assume it's the subdomain of the cloud URL of the app? I don't think it's the name of hte project in sprintr because you can be part of multiple different projects of the same name?
2. Is the ApiKey the API key of the app on sprinter your my personal API key under my profile? 
3. Will these API services work for a project not yet deployed to produciton (I.E. Still under the sandbox env)?

After a number of combinations this error resposne makes me think I'm closest. 

Here is the XML

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:stor="">

the response I get is:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:soap="">
         <faultstring>Login failed. Unknown API key.</faultstring>


Found the problem. The "Project ID" is infact the App Id found Settings > General