DeepLink from the modeler doesnt work

Hello,  I'm discovering deep link module, I have set configuration, and successfully create deep link from the runtime(in browser when I'm logged in) but I can't create deeplink from the modeler dirctly.I've made microflow that contains as a submicroflow CreateDeepLinkConfig in which I've set parameters for the page that I want to be shown when I've entered created link in the browser URL tab, But this don't want to work propertly.Can I get some help ? I know it's easy but I can't do it. If you have some example for creating deeplink from the modeler please let me see. Best regards, Aleksandar
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Hi Aleksandar,


When you have found out a way to get your deeplink to work by creating it by hand, you can follow the microflows from the deeplink module to see how the objects are created and stored. Then you can combine this with your own manual input to create the right object(s).

Create one microflow which does all the above.

This microflow can be triggered by hand, or placed in an after startup microflow.

Make sure the after startup microflow checks for the existence of the deeplink and only creates the deeplink (e.g. calls the microflow to do so) when the link is not present yet.