Company App Store (private) - view in modeler

Hi all, does someone have experience with the private (Company) App Store in Mendix? I have created and published a module to the AppStore and selected 'Publish to Private Appstore'. Now if I open the appstore on I can find the published module, but when opening the AppStore in the modeler I cannot find it there. There doesn't even seem to be a possibility to search the private app store there. Is this intended behaviour?   EDIT The problem was, that I selected Category:Modules, but no Subcategory.
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I see it here:


I've checked it here, and it works for me in Mx 7.4.0. I do see several apps and modules labeled as 'private' in the Desktop Modeler App store.

Some checks
1. Are you logged in as the same user in the Desktop Modeler as you used on the site?

2. Does the module have still Draft status in the App store?