Excel Importer bug when using attribute of super entity

We recently upgraded the app store module https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/72/Mendix/Excel-importer to version 5.6.1 the last version supporting Mx 6.x. However, we encountered an issue, when using a super entities attributes it triggers an error. I tracked this to the function addMappingForAttribute(String, String, KeyType, Boolean, IValueParser) in the replication.replication class of the replication jar included in the project. In the previous version, it used the getMetaPrimitive function and now it uses the getDeclaredMetaPrimitive function which if I interpret the documentation correctly does not give back the attribute if it is part of the super entity. This seems like a bug. Is this resolved in the Mx 7.x supported versions or should I file a ticket?
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Mitchel, that is a bug. I just reviewed the source and you are correct that the wrong API function is being used in the check. I had fixed this in the source of the module once but this has never gone through the testing/release process. 

Would you mind submitting a ticket requesting a fix in the 6 and 7 branch of the excel importer and db replication module. This way we can get it on the task list for R&D to release it.