Any Mendix Widgets to display Icons- Similar to Converstaion icon in

Hello all, Is there any Mendix Addons available in Appstore to display icons as like in Mendix portal. When You click on the Icon/Image Notification should open and display to user. I got requirement like to display image as in right hand corner of the page. If the user have any notification, This Icon should be highlighted to make the user aware of the notification. When user clicks, to display the content of notification. Please find the image for your referance:  
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Hi Nirmal,

I think this widget can do what you want:
It allows you to display the button like you want, and trigger a  microflow (in which you can show your notifications screen for instance) when clicked.



Toastr is a good and relatively easy to use with Mendix although the actual look and feel might be a bit different.


I think the tool used on Mendix homepage is a third party API called intercom