how to suppress Exchange client (app store) generating log messages

We are using the Exchange client app store module for quite some time now. Recently the Exchange server was replaced and NTLM was activated (and so was the option the in the module). The integration still works fine however, the module is now generating a lot of log messages in the application log.  2017-07-12 17:50:06.475 INFO - jec.httpclient3.auth.AuthChallengeProcessor: ntlm authentication scheme selected Of course we can suppress these messages using the console, however this requires us to change the log levels for the specific node after each restart of the application (which is not convenient at all). Not a java expert, but when checking the code I did not manage to find a specific location where the log message is initiated.  Anyone any recommendations? I would be greatlty helped if anyone could provide some direction to look at. Thanks!         
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Hi Brian,


The log messages that you see in your log are created by the third party library: JEC. This can be found:

Perhaps they can help you with suppressing the log messages.