SAML Module principalname to lowercase

We are running into an issue where we see that the SAML module is unable to find a user in the database because for some reason the UserID is lowercased. after looking into the code i found the following comment,  //BJHL 20170123 removed the "uselowercase" constant again, since we are now in mx7 where this is the default  Did anyone else encounter this issue before where the user principal is lowercased and could someone explain to me why this is done in the first place?
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It seems you never got an answer. Here a late one. In a lot of applications the account name of a Mendix application is the user mail adress. Problem is that is for email purposes the same as but when talking about account names these will be two different accounts. Hence the option to do the check for an account in lowercase. Now to enable (or disable) this check the resources folder for the file. Here you will see this:

#When evaluating the usernames should the PrincipalValue (username) be altered to a lowercase value, basically resulting in case-insensitive search?
#not specifying this options keeps the old implementation
#DEPRICATED, in the Mx7 release this property becomes mandatory with default=true
sso.principalvalue.tolowercase = true

So setting this to false would probably solve your case.