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Hi, I am developing a online shopping website where a user can filter the products based on the brand names. I need to use the checkbox widget to list the brand names for the user to select. To achieve this I am using this simple checkbox set selector widget. I have set data source entity as brand entity and attribute to display as brand name. It throws an error saying that 'the path should contain at least one step'. Please help with this issue. 
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The checkbox selector sets an association, based on the selected entities + association. 

Thus this widget should be placed inside a dataview, containing the association owning object. The list displayed should be the referenced entity (list) 

In this example a student has a reference set to parent. Dataview = student, referenced list is parent over association student_Parent

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Why would you have a community if every useful answer gets deleted within 6 months anyway? This question could be deleted now as the real answer was a link and is now deleted it's of no use. It's a shame really, a cloud application should know the risks of and how the cloud works... 



Thanks for your reply. I need further clarification on the following.

On selecting the checkbox, I need to the pass the object to on click event microflow so that I can filter the products based on the selected brand name. Below image is the implementation of simple checkbox selector. 


The onchange event of the Check box set selector passes the dataview entity. In my example that would be Student. In the microflow you can retrieve the referenced objects over association, which will return the selected objects.

See this microflow;

Since this is an in memory retrieve it is light and quick.