Autosave/Onchange problem with Camera Widget for Phonegap when upgrading to Mx 7

Hi all, After upgrading a project with a camera widget from 6.10.10 to 7.7.1 the behaviour in the camera widget changed. The Autosave/OnChange microflow went from a blocking synchronous flow to, what it seems to me now, an async flow. Next to this the close page in the onchange event isn't working anymore either. Now I also had a autocapture function which stopped working, but I could fix this in the widget itself. I've added this autocapture function to Jelte's version and now working further on this version. But fixing the other problems is a little bit over my head/knowledge and I preferably want to continue without waiting on a fix offc. Anyone any idea's how I can achieve this? So fire the autosave/onchange synchronous and blocking? And preferable get the close function working again by either adding this as a function to the widget or firing the function synchronous? Any suggestion in the right direction would be fine for me as well. Regards
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