Install a module from App Store using SDK

Hi All, Is that possible? If not what is the workaround to do it? I need on first opening of an app that is created using Mendix SDK, some module to be installed  for example 'Rest Services'. I don't see any class or interface or anything about installing modules from App Store on this page Thanks.
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The App Store doesn't have a REST API to pull the modules from, for the rest you're fine. 
For my understanding, do you want to create a starting point app for other developers which contains customized modules & App Store modules?


Hi Pavel,

Can you tell us more about your use case, especially how the Model SDK is involved?

Currently it's possible to add an app you exported using the desktop modeler and add that to your company app store as a starting point for developers of your company.

How would you like to incorporate the model SDK? For example to automatically convert apps to newer modeler versions? Unfortunately there is no API available to automatically add apps to the App Store. 


 Thanks, I was thinking that the "App Store " has an api and when I make a request with "AppStoreModuleID" I will be able to download and install it programaticaly from Mendix SDK, but now I am sure to not search for such an option.

My scenario is:

App "A" is an app that will be created with Mendix SDK.It has dataview, datagrids, domain model - that is OK.

App "B" is an app that is already build with the modeler and has installed  "Rest Services" module and implemented services - that is also OK.

 I want that  "A" can make requests(CRUD) to "B" after it is deployed in the Mendix cloud.

My idea was to install "Rest Services" module to "A".... as they are pretty easy to use.

However now I must rely on SOAP and the default Mendix's web services maybe: .

So this way it will works, yes ?