How do I configure the Drag and Drop Support widget?

I'm trying to use the Drag and drop support widget off the app store. I've set up certain things to be draggable and drop targets, but while i can drag around the screen, i can't drop them in target areas. I'd like to be able to re-order a list, and I think the issue might be in building a microflow to do that logic. Has anyone used this and can give some guidance for the process?
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I just set this up last week.  A few thoughts:

  1. Make sure you are using the ITVisors version of the widget, that's the latest one
  2. Download and review the Demo project
  3. The draggable widget applies to those things you can move around (sounds like you've got that set up correctly as you can drag)
  4. The droppable widget needs to be set up to 'receive' all object types that may be dropped on it.  this widget needs a row for each object type, including specializations, that may be dropped on it.

My project is set up as follows:

I used an NPE to receive dropped objects.

Config of the droppable widget:

Note:  StatementOrInvoice is a specialization of Files entity.  Until I added the highlighted line, I could drag StatementOrInvoice objects but could not drop them.

Details of one of the Droppable Entities configurations below:

And finally, the FileDropMicroflow

Note:  in my app, I enabled dragging from one folder to another, so I change the association of the File that is dropped to the NewFolder and recalculate some statistics about both the New and Old folder.

Hope that helps,