Community commons not available for Mx 7.0.2

I can not seem to find the right Community commons version that works with Mx 7.0.2. The version that is compatible with Mx 6 cause compilation errors, and the ones that are compatible with Mx 7.1 I can not install. Am I missing something? Should I not be using Mx 7.0.2? Thanks EDIT 17.12.2017 I downloaded the latest community commons version as mpk file and changed the Mx version on it to 7.0.2. Then I was able to import it into my project. (I also had to fix a minor java compilation issue). You can find the compatible module here:  
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Hi Andrej,


I remember when we upgraded our mx6 project to mx7 we intentionally skipped 7.0.2 and went straight to 7.1.0. I don't remember the exact details but there were some known bugs that were fixed in 7.1.0 and 7.1.1.


Also I've run into some issues in the past with the community commons library throwing build errors. Usually in the error you can see what java action is throwing the error and remove it if its something that you aren't using.